Greetings Earthlings For All Occasions: Over 150 Rhymes for Greeting Cards ECards etc …

| February 4, 2018


One of a series of four books of greeting card filler material.

Blank Card? Blank Mind? Allow me to help in the form of a rhyme.
Poetic Proposals, simple greeting card fill
Religion and Love and so much more until,
You’re amazed at the content, and then, well … you write
‘Thank You’ ‘I Love You’ and ‘Have a Good Night’.
For cards sent with flowers and notes with Champagne,
Heartfelt ‘Congrats!’ and ‘Good Luck!’ and ‘Good Game!
All this and more awaits you inside.
A few of these poems, when I wrote them, I cried.
Touching and thoughtful, clever, inspired,
Some of them I may have written while wired.
Just kidding about that. So to show that I care,
Something for every occasion is there.
‘You were great!’ and ‘good job’, ‘get well’ and ‘well done’
‘Happy birthday to you, and now go have some fun’.
‘Come out of the dumps and reach for the sky’
‘You just don’t know what you can do till you try’
Texting your sweetie “I’m thinking of you!”
Toasting the admirable honored guest, too.
For words that will leave hearts all aglow,
Poetry speaks so much better than prose!
A quick easy reference for those without time,
To strain their brain, in search of a rhyme.
My hope is you’ll find this a valued collection,
Of nice things to say when expressing affection.

Over 150 rhymes ready for insertion into whatever medium you favor! I suggest a nice fountain pen and good card stock! That is still my favorite method. The personal touch is always nice. Two, four, six and eight line poems that will say it well, when you are at a loss for words. The table of contents is arranged in alphabetical order, making it easy to search. The first line of each rhyme is a chapter title listed in the TOC. Each rhyme is its own one page chapter.
Thank you! So much!, for visiting here. I invite you to check out my other collections of greeting card filler material, also available here. Greetings Earthlings For Your Sweetheart, Volumes 1 and 2, and A Higher Power Edition, a colection of inspirational poetry from a Christian perspective. Thank you again!

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