More Than Monsters (The Sword that Forged a Man Book 1)

| February 7, 2018


Exciting new fantasy. Half the pages, twice the action. Swords, spells, muskets, and cannons vs. a horde of orcs. Check out this series starter for free.

Cora is leading some big-city adventurers to the heart of a monster army. They go in for the treasure. They come out with a war.

She can handle the orcs, it’s the heroes that scare her. She’s small and only 20 years old, but she’s been hiding from the monsters in the mountains for years. Now the orcs are invading.

The leader of the adventurers is a dangerous madman who couldn’t care less about getting the baron’s treasure. He’d rather take Cora to the wilderness where no one can help her. Can Cora survive the heroes and the orcs? Can they get out in time to warn the people of a monster army on the march?


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