To Enter the Path

| February 7, 2018


A Vendrix is born. These are mortals that know all spells and enchantments, without having picked up a spell book all their lives. Normally, such power would be drool-worthy, but in this case, it means to be possessed by a demon that’s just using a body as a conduit.

For the townspeople, a beloved family member will now crave carnage and kill siblings and strangers alike.
For the person possessed, they barely last a day before sharpened pitchforks are used against them.

But a drunken minstrel’s foreseen a Vendrix that can actually control the demon. Such a weapon seems to be the only thing that can annihilate the sorcerer that’s been wreaking havoc everywhere.

Zendra’s denying that she’s the Vendrix, despite the fact that she just massacred a horde of wizards with no more exertion of energy than a yawn. Regardless, she’s enlisted by three men wanting to attempt the deadly path to the sorcerer, for fame, adventure, or vengeance.

Now, Valen, an arrogant yet charming wizard prodigy, Brevle, a wise-cracking warrior, Wulard, owns a map (sorry, that’s all he contributes), and Zendra, still unsure if she’s more of a threat to them than the obstacles, must band together, quiet their pessimism, and will their legs to forge through the Path of Fatality.

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