Author interview with Michelle Alstead of ‘One Last Try’

Author Interview with Michelle Alstead

Jag Winchester was happy being alone. . . until he met her. He is a handsome actor with a career spanning more than twenty years. But he’s grown tired of the parties, the premieres, and the women whose names he can’t remember. As he prepares for the next movie role, Jag receives the devastating news that sends him racing home to the family farm in Iowa. Jane Caulfield is an oncologist with a secret and a past she’d like to forget. Having been demoted at work, she accepts her grandmother’s invitation for a visit to Iowa where she can plan her next move. When their paths cross under the most difficult circumstances, Jag and Jane forge a bond, awakening hearts that had forgotten how to love. During their happiest moment, tragedy strikes, bringing painful secrets to light. Will Jag and Jane’s love endure, or does fate have other plans?



What will fate bring for Jag and Jane? Michelle Alstead has returned to today to take us on a little trip to Iowa in ‘One Last Try’, but first we need to find out what’s been going on since March 2017, when we pondered the plot of ‘After Love Leaves’. Michelle, last time we were talking you mentioned a young adult thriller series was in the works. Was this the direction your writing took?

I’ve written another romance novel and I am still working on the four-book young adult series.



The world can always use another great romance novel, or indeed a young adult thriller, so I’m glad to see that you’ve been successfully beavering away! Keeping ourselves in the beavering mood, where did your efforts on ‘One Last Try’ start?

It starts with two characters at crossroads in their lives while yearning for something better.



How did you find that the central and secondary characters started to develop one you were standing at this crossroad?

The characters came to be through sparks of inspiration in real life.



What sparks from real life did you find were most poignant for the tale you were creating?

I was inspired by a beautiful friend who is battling breast cancer.



I’m sorry to hear that your friend is ill and I hope that she is triumphant in her battle. Any battle around ill health can at times be difficult. What do you hope readers take from your book beyond the unpleasantness of sickness?

It’s a story of hope. Love may not conquer all but it does make for a beautiful ride.



We don’t have much time left today, but before you go, what do you feel that you’ve learnt from the beautiful ride that is ‘One Last Try’?

I learned it is possible to set a goal and achieve it in a short amount of time.



That’s a great thing to know, and I hope that you’re putting this newfound knowledge into practice right now so that you can bring more goals, particularly if they are new novels to life. Michelle, thanks so much for chatting with me today, and I hope to hear when you achieve your next writing goal soon.


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