| February 8, 2018


How far would you go for 24 hours if they were to be your last?
Grace… For those living in the land of Tretion, it is a kindness, a gift. A reprieve from the pain of death for some, a little extra time to say goodbye and make preparations for others, or even to go wild and jump from cliffs and do all the things you always wanted to do… As long as you can do it all in 24 hours. That’s how long you have: one day. One day in which the body is healed from injury, postponing death itself for the duration. One day to make a difference between life and death. And then it’s over, and if you were meant to die, you die… That’s the grace, and there are two things every child knows: everyone is born with a grace, and no one can take it from you. So what happens if one is false? A series of murders has been baffling investigators in both Tretion and Allea. None of the victims used their grace period. Unfortunately, no one was left alive to say why, until now. The answer brings forth a terrifying possibility. The murderer is still out there, somewhere, and he must be stopped. The ruler of Tretion has ordered him captured, but a consensus on who to send cannot seem to be reached. The people must not know the truth. Finally, a decision is made and it seems obvious, for who better to hunt a man who steals lives than a man who has none left?

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