Dog Stories, Hilarious Tales of a Codependent Pet Owner

| September 10, 2013


Dog Stories, Hilarious Tales of a Codependent Pet Owner

Do some people think you care too much about your pets? Well, THEY have a problem, don’t they?! You’ll find hilarious support for overindulging your pets in “Dog Stories, Hilarious Tales of a Codependent Pet Owner” by San Francisco Bay Area author, Cathy Turney.

These real-life dog stories will keep you laughing from start to finish. AND NO SAD ENDING! You’ll meet Bubbles, the loveable “substandard” poodle, Spot, the deaf Dalmatian, and Louie, the very standard poodle, all who have wreaked havoc on our lives since their arrival here at Chez Poodle.

Praise for Dog Stories:

“I will never again be able to think of the old RCA logo image of a white dog listening to his master’s voice from a gramophone without seeing a Dalmatian wearing a hearing aid. Would I buy this book? Yes! A doggone good piece of humor!” – Judd McIlvain, Emmy Award-winning TV, radio and web consumer reporter

“Very cute story, and you tell it very well (I detected a hint of Erma Bombeck!)!” – Eileen Mitchell, Editor of “Pet Tales,” San Francisco Chronicle

“Humorous and touching stories that remind us of the powerful bonds that form between animals and their human guardians.” – Scotlund Haisley, President & Founder, Animal Rescue Corps.

Doggie Disclaimer: No animals were abused in the telling of these stories — only humans. Names and locations have been changed in cases where a lawsuit might ensue. And we continue to be amazed and confounded by the havoc these three wreak.

Order a copy of Dog Stories, Hilarious Tales of a Codependent Pet Owner today – you will be rolling over with laughter and begging for more!


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