The Mystic Travelogues (Volume 1)

| September 10, 2013


The Mystic Travelogues (Volume 1)

Ten-year-old Tug is lost in the world, even to himself. Shuffled from one relative to the next, he has no place to call home and no sense of what his future will hold. But when destiny intervenes and sends Tug and his cousin Jodie to stay with a distant uncle in Vermont, they could not anticipate the strange occurrences at the enchanted old house. When their uncle disappears under mysterious circumstances, the two children begin a journey that will challenge their courage and reveal magic both underneath them and inside of them.

Travel to a mystic destination—
where animals know your destiny,
where dangerous Nomes lurk in the shadows,
and where a stuffed bear can bring you to life.

Praise for The Mystic Travelogues:

“This book is a rare treat for the child in anyone, regardless of age. It combines whimsy, fantasy, imagination and a compelling plot while also fostering spiritual literacy…. A delight not to be missed!”
Susan Mehrtens
President, The Jungian Center

~~ This book is DRM-free, so you can convert it to other formats if you choose, and read it on all your ereader devices. ~~


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