Impossible (Fuzed Trilogy Book 3)

| February 9, 2018


World Leaders Are Being Assassinated

As men cheer loudly, there’s a brilliant flash and thunderclap. Temporarily blinded, they stumble back from the Humvee, pushed away by a blast of hot air and smoke. When the smoke clears, their leader is gone. Where he stood is nothing but the smoldering, melted hood of the Humvee.

??? Spying And Surveillance On An Unprecedented Scale

Josh Fuze slowly starts putting together clues, including a top secret government program that uses micro-sized drone technology for spying and surveillance. Soon he finds evidence of a vast conspiracy that crosses the bounds of both national and international governments.

??? A spellbinding tale that is both enthralling and scary as hell! A fast-paced adventure with plenty of action, surprises and twists and turns.

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