The Survival Job

| February 9, 2018


A desperate recent college grad takes a job as an apprentice butler and over the course of a summer has his safe and limited world turned inside out through a series of unusual adventures.
Toby Jordan’s college experience ends with a ruinous car fire, forcing a move back home. Struggling to find work, other than the family funeral business, he’s desperate to get back out on his own.
A friend points him to an opportunity – as an apprentice butler. Unsure what a butler even does in the modern world, but desperate to escape his current situation, Toby accepts the ‘survival job’, hiding the choice from friends and family.
The training is unorthodox, challenging and oddly engaging for Toby. Adventures and blunders abound, while friends and family believe he’s taken an entirely different, more conventional path. Struggling to carry out offbeat tasks is only part of the crusade, as troublesome clients and unknown forces work against him, all while Toby hides his true assignment to avoid judgement.
His deception exposed, Toby deals with the fallout while preparing for his ‘final test’. Who knew the life of a butler involved secrets, lies and sabotage?
This coming of age story takes a light-hearted look at the challenges of finding a career, and more importantly, a life.

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