The Saint and the Sorcerer

| February 10, 2018

The Saint and the Sorcerer Book Cover

The unexplained death of a teenage girl in New York City. A demon in the Tudor court of Queen Elizabeth. A pivotal battle between good and evil in ancient Ireland. Three key moments in history, with a shared destiny.

In modern day New York City, Amy Coren is being stalked by a strange young woman. The young woman claims to be a witch. She tells Amy that she has an essential role to play in an ongoing war between good and evil. Sceptical at first, Amy quickly accepts the truth of what she learns as she faces a series of strange, and potentially deadly encounters.

In ancient Ireland, Patrick, the future saint, prepares for battle. It is the eve of the pivotal showdown at Tara, seat of the High Kings of Ireland, between the Christian faith and the beliefs of the Pagans. Patrick has great respect for the old religion and its mystical creatures, and he believes that harmony with the old faith will be essential if his greater mission is to succeed—the fight against a timeless evil, committed to destroying humankind.

As Queen Mary lies on her deathbed in London, the famed magician, John Dee hides among the assembled crowd outside Hatfield Palace. Dee knows that the real danger to Elizabeth as she takes the crown comes not from the scheming of men, but rather, from a much more dangerous, supernatural source—the same evil that Patrick faced so many centuries before. Against a backdrop of uncertainty and fear, the ancient evil, in the form of a demon, visits Elizabeth to make her an offer. In a moment of weakness, the young queen makes a terrible choice. John Dee works tirelessly to free Elizabeth from the diabolical pact.

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