True Stories of Gothic Macabre: Monstrous Creatures, Monstrous Monsters, our dark lore.

| February 12, 2018


True Stories of Gothic Macabre: Monstrous Creatures, Monstrous Monsters: Our darkest history & lore. Monstrous Creatures & their deadly Deeds. In this book we take a look at some true Stories, featuring The Real Frankenstein, The Jikininki, The Changelings, The Spy in the Bag, The Wax Head Woman, & many more disturbing, true-life characters and lore & their terrible and grisly deeds, throughout our dark history and lore. Gruesome and horrifying, strange and mysterious, curious and intriguing; Here follows some True Stories of the strange, mysterious, and frightening. Here follows some mysterious tales of the Macabre….and the monstrous creatures who feature in them. Our darkest history and lore.
True life scary stories which expose our darkest, deepest fears…
Steph Young has appeared on national radio & podcasts including Coast to Coast AM. Steph is an avid researcher into occult unexplained mysteries, spiritual & esoteric enigmas, Lore and mythology, and the world of the unknown…. An independent researcher, addicted to researching all Supernatural, Paranormal, Esoteric and enigmatic Mysteries. Each book seems to lead her to further questions and searches for answers, as the Unexplained Mysteries inevitably deepen & develop into ever more complex riddles in the spectrum of the Unknown. You can also listen to ‘Masquerade podcast with steph young,’ on iTunes.
Join me in this book, for an exploration of these monstrous creatures & their deadly deeds of dark lore and history…

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