A Beginner’s Guide to Defy Divorce and Take a Stand for Your Marriage

| February 13, 2018


Are you a Christian person faced with an unwanted or unbiblical divorce? Do you feel there is no worldly recourse to stop the inevitable? Are you willing to seek God’s help to save your marriage despite what the world is telling you? Are you ready to take a Stand for your marriage?

40 personal restoration testimonies.
God’s original intent for marriage.
Old Testament allowances for divorce.
Basic first steps to Standing for your marriage.
Various prayer methods.
Common hindrances to restoration.
Interview with a returned prodigal.

A to-the-point, how-to guide written specifically to those learning how to “Stand” for the Christian restoration of their marriages and to those wanting reassurance that their Stand is supported by heaven.

One of the restored who testified in this book remarked that reading it could have shaved two years off of her learning curve to effectively stand for her marriage! Do you have time to learn by trial and error or would you rather learn from the experience of others?

Features an interview with J. Rellos and 40 other named and anonymous testimonies from the restored. Named testimonials written by P. Armstrong, C. Case, C. Gullett, K. Recore, K. Rellos, B. Rose, E. Sperico and K. Taylor.

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