| February 14, 2018


Take a trip into your own mind. Explore new ideas and discuss them with your friends. This is the ideal coffee table or dinner party book. It is full of interesting ideas and topics to promote thinking and discussion. It is neither a scholarly work nor intended to be right. Some of the things said in the book are not the author’s opinion. These items are added to encourage the reader to expand their consciousness and look at things in a different way. Crazy Fun Thoughts by Carter Boucher is part philosophy, part social theory, part personal relationship exploration. Please don’t take this too seriously the ideas are too important for that. For the college student this book will help you break out of the confines of the way you have been taught to think. For those of you who are older do you remember how when you were in college you experienced the excitement of new ideas and views of the world? This is your chance to experience that excitement again. If you like the book please be sure to do a review. Amazon reviews are the biggest factor in a book making enough money. Even if you got it through Kindle Unlimited please take a moment to review. Your review can be short.

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