Tips For Women On How To Stay Healthy

| September 10, 2013


Tips For Women On How To Stay Healthy

“Tips For Women On How To Stay Healthy” This is an excellent book that gives advice on how to take care of the body and look after it during the many stages a woman goes through in her life. Your body, mind and spirit is not something individual or separate from each other, they are all part of you and you need to listen to whatever they are telling you. This book talks about how you need to be aware of how you treat different parts of your body.
Do you pay attention to your senses?
Is tanning your body good for the skin?
It will explain how to do breast examination.
How you react to the birth control pill?
What can you expect from early menopause?
When do you know if you have full blown menopause?
It points out the pit falls of fashion versus health.
The average woman and her work load.
Most women don’t get enough rest.
Women need their girlfriends.
And much more


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