The Eye Of The Falcon: The Untold Story of Angola’s Civil War (Chasing the Black Rooster Book 1)

| February 16, 2018


Based on true events.

Angola’s brutal civil war has been raging for twenty-five years. The struggle, which began as an ideological conflict, has become a bloody war for control of vast diamond and oil fields. Both sides use their own people as hostages, and the country is destroyed, its inhabitants murdered and exiled.

Now, in early 1999, the Black Rooster flag of UNITA, controlled entirely by the charismatic Jonas Malheiro Savimbi, flies over all rural areas. Only a few cities still remain in the hands of Angola’s Marxist government. Desperate, it turns to private companies to remove Savimbi from the scene and end the war. Their price: the output of Angola’s rich oil fields.


Dani – an ex-mercenary with a conscience – is called to Tel Aviv and offered a challenge he cannot refuse: to set up a radar system that could change the course of the civil war. The task is almost impossible, considering the situation on the ground.

Can Dani draw upon his considerable personal resources to handle corporate egos, battle against government corruption, and survive rebel attacks? Dani must use all his ingenuity and skill, by fair means or foul, just to survive in this hostile environment. His success or failure will have significant implications for the rest of the war.

The Chasing the Black Rooster series gives an inside look at the world of arms dealers, world powers, and soldiers for hire trying to cope with an impossible reality and striving to succeed at any price.


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