Grave Ghost

| February 28, 2018

Grave Ghost Book Cover

Treachery and treason: a pact with a djinn betrays until time crumbles to dust.

The ancient, cultured realm of Myklaan is under threat. Addiction to a devastating drug is spreading, magic is fading from existence, and its powerful neighbour, Terlaan, is poised to wage war over the theft of a mystic crystal its mages cannot spark.

With Shah Ordosteen besotted by his scheming bride, and his heir intent on rescuing the Terlaani Princess from patriarchal Verdaan, the criminal underworld is holding addicts to ransom. But Ordosteen’s niece, Lady Jordayne, is not one to sit idle while her people suffer. When a poor man’s djinn-brokered deal goes horribly wrong, she sees beyond the ruined lives to the possibility of salvation. After all, she can manipulate family and stranger as well as any djinn. If she can bear the very personal cost.

From the wild, untapped magic of an abused boy to the dark sorcery of an eastern magician, from the rage of a djinn-cursed ghost to the murderous rampage of a zombie, Grave Ghost continues the sweeping saga of three realms plagued by an evil djinn.

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