The Dragon Who Became Pavarotti

| February 17, 2018


“The Dragon Who Became Pavarotti” is a new 2018 children’s book with an unusual plot. Here the past crosses with the present; and phantasy overlaps with the reality.

In her second book the author of “Princess Zarina” is touching the issue of discovering yourself, self-acceptance and, in a way, struggling against public opinion.  She raises the problem of the importance of trust between children and their parents, faith in child and family support. Following dreams in spite of social disapproval is a real bravery.

Little Eddie the Dragon is growing up as a peculiar dragon-child. For centuries all his ancestors have occupied themselves with farming, fishing, and guarding the Sapphire Depths Lake, the place of their living.  Once Ursula, Eddie’s mom finds out that her son can imitate human voices and has a strange hobby of watching operas. This is, actually, inappropriate to the community’s laws and lifestyle.

For the talent of singing Eddie’s friends call him ‘Pavarotti’ under the name of his favourite opera singer. So one day Eddie comes to his mom Ursula to support him in a singing competition…

Will Eddie’s dream come true? What is the final?

All the answers are in this precious warm kid’s book.

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