Precious Treasure In The Field (Amish Parables Book 4)

| February 18, 2018


The young Amish man, Amos Stauffer, struggles with an impossible dream. His farm is failing, and despite his gentle wife’s encouragement, Amos’ heart is as heavy as the plough his horses drag through the fields.

Mysteriously, Amos is drawn again and again to a small untended piece of land adjoining his property. It is a plot that hides a aging secret.

Will the treasure in the field solve Amos’ finacial problems? And will it be able to provide relief for his aching heart?

This moral tale is based on the parable that Jesus told of the treasure in the field, and adds a decidedly Amish twist to the tale. It is one book in the Amish Parables series by #1 bestselling Amish fiction author, Grace Given.


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