Kill The President’s Women (Joe The Magic Man Series Book 2)

| February 18, 2018


In January 2013, a bloody gun battle at the Algerian B.P. gas plant in the Sahara desert claims the lives of 40 workers and 39 Islamist militants after a three-day siege.
After undergoing specialized training by an al-Qaeda affiliate in Afghanistan, the two eldest sons of one of the slain militants receive their mother’s blessing to avenge their father’s death and carry on his legacy: the elimination of Western women in government who speak publicly and who also blaspheme.
Five months later, the brothers land in San Francisco – two willing suicide bombers intending to kill the “President’s bitches”.
Deputy Director of the FBI, Frank Brubaker realizes that he is on the back foot and quickly activates a new special task force consisting of two highly trained special agents and two equally special civilians. One of the civilians – “Joe the Magic Man” – is an elusive, roguish character with a hidden identity and highly potent powers of mind reading, telepathy and hypnosis.
As the FBI struggles to come to terms with the potential destruction he could wreak with his powers, they find they have no choice but to work with him, especially because he possesses the ability to invade peoples’ dreams and extract withheld information.
The manhunt is conducted in earnest, with every passing second increasing the probability of the militants’ success in making a bold statement on American soil.


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