The Workplace ZOMBIE SURVIVAL Guide

| September 11, 2013


The Workplace ZOMBIE SURVIVAL Guide

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When zombies attack, will you be at home or at work? Mostly likely, 56% of the time in fact, you’ll be at work.

You will need this indispensable office guide to prepare you, your office and your coworkers for survival.

One of the best researched and easy to follow Zombie Survival guides out there AND this one has a twist: This guide will teach you how to survive using only items found in your office environment.

This essential guide is crammed with insightful instructions, little known facts, battle tactics and how-tos for battling the coming Zombie infestation while you’re at work, and over 150 illustrations.

As essential in your office as the water cooler or the bathroom! (that means every office needs at least one copy. Click BUY now.)

Learn the roles you and your coworkers need to play to survive a zombie office attack. Who knows, you just might be the Designated Office Ninja. Of course, you could be the office D.a.v.e….. (there is always a Dave.)
Anyway, workplace safety is a very important matter. It is crucial that every worker know what to do in case there is a fire, an earthquake, or an infestation of the evil undead hell-bent upon consuming the flesh of the living.

That’s where this book comes in. Within these pages you will find tips, instructions, ideas, tactics, and all sorts of information that will help you the next time your office is invaded by zombies. Consider this your ticket to survival. And what is required for this ticket to work? All that is needed is commitment to victory, courage in the face of adversity, and the price of this book, (slightly higher in Canada).

HOWEVER, in order for you to take full advantage of what this book offers, it is important that you know a few things before you read it. Better said, if you don’t want to end up looking like road kill, you’re probably going to want to read the rest of this introduction.

Zombies have an insatiable appetite for human flesh, like a shark for its prey, or Lindsay Lohan for attention. Are you a human? Then you are a tasty human and a zombie would like to meet you and eat you, wine you and dine you. If you don’t feel like being eaten, then this might be of some concern to you.

Some people, in the spirit of social camaraderie, political correctness, and modern progression, are perfectly fine with the fact that zombies eat people. Many people, usually called Pro-Zombie, are of the opinion that a person’s diet (be them living or undead) is THEIR choice, that their personal dietary choices should be respected by all, and that “Necro-Americans” should be freed from the injustices of prejudice and discrimination. That is okay!

Other people, still, are of a differing opinion (which Pro-Zombie people tend to call “regressive.”) Many people believe in the preservation of the Living-American lifestyle and the extermination of zombies. They believe in defending human rights above all other things. You might be not be okay with the fact that zombies eat people. Perhaps a zombie has eaten somebody that you know and love, leaving them to join the hordes of the undead as they wander the earth. You might want to exterminate their foul corpses and send them back to the vile hell-hole from whence they came. That is okay, too!

The object of this book is not to support one political view above another. Your political leanings are your own to choose. This book is meant to teach you how to slaughter the undead from a NEUTRAL point of view. Since we wish to offend no one, or alienate any who might otherwise buy this book, you will be learning how to dismember and destroy zombies, all while RESPECTING their culture.

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