The Mary Celeste Papers

| September 12, 2013


The Mary Celeste Papers

Two Great Maritime Mysteries Solved . . .

The Mary Celeste Papers is a mystery novel with laugh-out-load consequences, which bubble up and explode out of the grit and grime of a dead-end railway depot in England. Every character you meet in the book is fully three-dimensional, with the possible exception of Billy who may even have a foot in the sixth dimension.

Is This Really What Became Of The Mary Celeste?

Follow the fates of a group of ultra ordinary railwaymen as one of them stumbles across a mysterious ship’s log and thereafter falls victim to an even stranger crime. Scooped up by a tide of events way beyond their control, an unlikely band of heroes become the focus of a full-blown, worldwide, media whirlwind and all the while Scotland Yard, the CIA and even the Mafia appear to be lurking on every corner. As the unanswered questions begin piling up and defeating the finest detectives at every turn, can it really be that the coolest head belongs to cook book fixated, Lynryd Skynyrd obsessed landlady, Francine?

The Author Says It’s Fiction, But What If . . .

Paul Gallimore’s first mystery novel is a hugely original fusion of ideas, where raw humor transmutes into whodunit, and science fiction blurs with cold fact. What is it that this delightful assortment of misfits has accidentally dragged out into the open? Did the US Navy really conduct a top secret experiment into invisibility in 1943? Just what did happen to the Mary (Marie) Celeste and her missing crew? And will the truth finally lie somewhere in the oceans between Fulham and Philadelphia?

The Mary Celeste Papers is an intelligent, well written, thought provoking, funny book; filled to the brim with fully-formed, larger than life characters whose fortunes will grab your attention and hold it in a vice-like grip until the final page has been turned.

This excellent novel is a people book; about little guys on a big stage and you will be delighted that you chose to become part of their adventure.

It’s time for you to discover why The Mary Celeste Papers has won a small army of fans and five star reviews from both sides of the Atlantic:

    • If you are a mystery story fan, this book is just for you.


  • If you like humor, check the reviews; this is a very funny book.



  • If sci-fi is your thing, you’re covered. Or maybe not, it could all be true. Some of it certainly is.



  • If you prefer historical context and hard-nosed reality, you will believe that you personally know every character before the book is done.



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