Get Things Done AND Feel Great – 115 Holistic Ways to Increase Productivity and Boost Your Energy

| September 13, 2013


Get Things Done AND Feel Great - 115 Holistic Ways to Increase Productivity and Boost Your Energy

What good is a willpower and self-discipline when sooner or later you end up procrastinating, or feeling stressed and exhausted? Could you use a boost in energy, creativity, productivity, or motivation? Perhaps you have a desire for change, because you know deep inside that you want more out of life?

In this life-changing book by Kamil Kowalski, founder of Lifestyle Management Experts and Practical Wellness Guide, you’ll discover 115 holistic and “downstream” ways to finally Get Things Done AND Feel Great at the same time!

Featuring a fine-tuned balance of Practical Time Management Strategies, Everyday Positive Psychology, and New Age Spiritual Methodologies this valuable book illuminates the path for Ultimate Physiology of High Performance and Mindset to Boost Your Mood and Energy. It also provides a series of powerful yet simple actions you can take to radically increase your levels of engagement and fulfilment in all areas of your life, including health, fitness, nutrition, relationships, career or business, and spirituality.

Not only will you have energy and creativity like never before, you will actually love getting things done! The strategic and intelligent approach will help you solve your problems, get what you want and deserve, and create more time for the things that matter most in your life.

The Author of the insightful Get Things Done AND Feel Great book, Kamil Kowalski, has been fortunate to receive a second chance in life following a serious skiing accident back in 2008 –– and then experiencing a plethora of amazing experiences. Today Kamil lives in Toronto Canada and enthusiastically shares his lessons learned with thousands of people as an Author, Speaker, Certified Life Coach, Health and Relationships Expert, Entrepreneur, and above all, Results-oriented Spiritual Problem Solver.

P.S. As a way of saying thanks for your purchase, I’m offering a few exclusive bonuses! These include practical eBooks on Fitness and Business, powerful Brain Wave MP3 recordings to relax your mind or supercharge your productivity, and very effective at-home workout videos for just about anyone. Details are on the last page of the book…


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