Oregon My, Oregon, A Photographic Journey (The Wallowas) (Oregon, My Oregon)

| September 13, 2013


Oregon My, Oregon, A Photographic Journey (The Wallowas) (Oregon, My Oregon)

Tucked away in the northeast corner of Oregon is a fairytale place of lush green rolling hills, quaint old barns and pioneer-era homes, sparkling blue lakes and thundering rivers, snow-capped mountains towering against the blue skies of summer, and, of course, wildlife–everywhere.  The kind, gracious, and authentic locals also have a way of making the trip even more memorable.  Understandably, this picturesque place is also often referred to as “America’s Little Switzerland.”

Many longtime residents of the Pacific Northwest are completely unaware of the beauty and majesty that awaits them in picturesque northeast Oregon. It’s the most beautiful place–no one has heard of!

In this e-book, I share not only some of my favorite photographs from many visits to this breathtaking part of the Northwest, but I also give some practical advice about getting there and even some suggestions about where to stay. I try to avoid pretentious photography, and I’m confident that you will thoroughly enjoy this collection.

Whether fishing, horseback riding, hiking, swimming, or strolling along the quaint streets of Joseph or Enterprise, this is an area which will welcome you with open arms and reward you with images and memories that you and your family will treasure.


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