Author interview with Horace Williams Jr of ‘Unleash the Power of Prayer in your Life’

Author Interview with Horace Williams Jr

Is there Power in your Prayers? Do you want to experience God’s power in your life? In the award-winning book, Unleash the Power of Prayer in Your Life: A Power that Transforms Lives, you will read about some of the magnificent blessings available to you as you strengthen your prayer life while seeking God in prayer.



Are you looking to strengthen your life of prayer? Horace Williams Jr, the author of ‘Unleash the Power of Prayer in Your Life’, has joined me today to give us a peek into the transformations that await readers this book of Christian prayer and worship. Horace, as the author you’re best placed to share with us what’s in store for readers, can you give us an overview of what this book is all about?

In the midst of a successful sales and marketing career earning well over six figures, I was struck by a massive stroke that paralyzed my left side. Through the prayers of many, I have seen God’s power in my own life. My heart has been transformed as I seek to live for Christ going forward. I want my story to encourage, uplift, and inspire Christians to pray with purpose. In doing so, they will see the power of God manifest in their own life and the lives of others.



Wow, having and recovering from massive stroke obviously made a huge impact on your life. Was the stroke the only life event you cover in the course of the book?

I cover from childhood to my stroke recovery. I share several stories in the book. (They seem to be a favorite for the readers mixed with Biblical truths to validate my points..) My parents and family have been praying for me for years. God has a plan and a purpose for my life.



You could have used your story in so many different ways to encourage and uplift others, so I’m curious to find out what led to you share your story by way of a book?

I was watching the Presidential primaries in 2016 and felt led by God to write this book. I want to give people hope-reminding them that God is still in control. We must stay fervent in our prayers. Praying for our leaders, our pastors, missionaries, and our family.



Do you feel that sharing hope is the most important message you want readers to take from your words, or do you feel that there is a greater message you’re shared? And can you sum up this message for us?

The same power that raised Jesus Christ from the grave is available to you as a Christ follower today. You can access that power via purposeful prayer.



Helping people access powers only through the power of words can be a bit of a challenge at times. What do you feel was the biggest learning you made from taking on this challenge?

Writing a book is a team effort. Even though the life of an author can be isolating at times, It takes a village to deliver a quality product that is enjoyable for the reader.



Do you think about the village of people, or readers or anyone else in particular as you write to make sure you’re hitting that target of enjoyability?

God and my audience. I want my work to glorify God, and be an encouragement and inspiration to all who read.



I love that you want to encourage and inspire, but I’d love to know if you feel that inspiration as you write. Is writing energizing or exhausting for you?

The process of getting ideas and watching the layout come together is definitely energizing. I only have my right hand to type with, and still battle painful scar tissue. So the writing can be taxing at times.



Typing with only one hand can be a drag. Before the stroke, were you left or right-handed?           




That’s good, at least you don’t have to rely on your non-dominant hand to get this message out! You’ve obviously very passionate about the power of prayer and the connection to God, so I’m fairly confident that you’re currently using this spirit to share a new message through a new book. What can you tell us about what you’re working on?

I have just started on my next book. It is titled the Furnace of Affliction. I hope it will challenge, convict, and give hope to those who are hurting or have been hurt in the past.



Both of your books are really asking the author to look beyond the initial pain of hurt and use it to move them forward. How have you used this yourself to progress and improve your author voice as you’ve continued to write?

Yes. I feel I have become a better writer since I wrote my first book and received reviews and an award. It was an affirmation that I was right to follow God’s leading and write this book. My confidence has grown and I am motivated to continue writing when people ask me, when is the next book coming out?



It’s fantastic to see that readers are directly asking for another book! Have these questions led you to consider the creation of author brand to tie your books together? If so, what steps have you already taken in this direction?

That is a great question. Creating my brand is a work in progress. Knowing which route to take is difficult. There are so many that want to “help” but they are usually pushing their agenda. I take the time to root out those that can give me tangible direction. I feel blessed that I’ve been able to enlist the same copy editor and book designer for my next project. After I publish the second book, and it does well, Lord willing- I will focus more on branding as I look to work on the 2nd of 3 books in my “Power” series. A follow up to “Unleash the Power of Prayer in your Life”.



Three books in the works! With all of these new projects in the works I can’t in good conscience keep you away from your mission, but before you return, let’s see if we can simultaneously learn a little more about the author behind the book and put you in the creative zone with four quirkier questions. Let’s get quirky with, can you cry underwater?




Now that we’ve solved that debate, what happens if Batman gets bitten by a vampire?           

Would never happen. He’s too smart for that.



I hope for Batman’s sake that vampires are always easy to outwit because I don’t think he’d want a run-in with one of them. As an author, and lover of words, what’s your favourite word?




And finally, with or without using your favourite word, can you share the best sentence from ‘Unleash the Power of Prayer in Your Life’ that will inspire any readers sitting on the fence to pick up a copy of your book today?

Prayer is the conduit by which you can access God’s power and see it manifest in your life and the lives of people all over the world!



Fantastic choice!   Horace, thanks so much for sharing a taste of the manifestation of God’s power in your life, and I hope that you can continue to share and empower readers through your personal journey and beyond.



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