Author interview with Ashley Emma of ‘Legit Work-at-Home Jobs’

Author Interview with Ashley Emma

Whether you want to make a full-time income, work while staying home with your kids, or start a side hustle, this book shows you 22 real work-at-home jobs and business ideas along with the resources you need to get started right away.



Looking to make your home your new office? Ashley Emma, author of ‘Legit Work-at-Home Jobs’ has kindly taken a few minutes out of her busy work day to share her tips for scoring work that you can do from within the comfort of your own home. Ashley, what was it about working from home that inspired you to write an entire book about it?

I got the idea to write this book after trying several online jobs, many of which failed after I got married. I wanted to share my experiences with making money at home–both the good and the bad!



I love that you’ve dedicated your time to writing. I have to find out, are you energized or exhausted by writing?

It energizes me!



Then you made the right decision! Tell us a little more about your earlier life experiences of searching work that can be done from home and how these experiences built this book.

I tried a few online jobs that turned out to be scams and flops, and I tried out several other work-at-home jobs that were really good but just didn’t end up sticking with in order to pursue writing. I didn’t want all the time I spent looking for an online job to go to waste. I started writing this book so others wouldn’t have to waste time looking for the right work-at-home job for them.



What’s your best tip that your book shares with readers?

Anyone can make money at home! It’s hard work, but if you are determined and don’t give up, you can do it.



I love someone who doesn’t give up. And with that determination, I’m sure you have lots of writing projects on the boil. Give us a taste of what’s coming up for you?           

I’m finishing up Amish Under Fire, the sequel to Undercover Amish, which is now on pre-order on Amazon. I’m adding in a brand new character.



A new character sounds like a lot of fun. With new characters comes a new responsibility to make sure that your characters fit into the landscape of each book. Have you been able to take this responsibility as an excuse to take a little literary pilgrimage, in the name of research of course, for any of your books? Or taking a literary pilgrimage for someone else’s work also counts in my book!

No, but I often to go a local cafe for an entire day just to be away from my kids and home and get work done.



Close enough! Getting away from the call of the laundry is a great way to make sure you can blaze through your work without distractions. Do you feel that your writing style has changed over the years as you’ve continued to carve out a little dedicated time for writing?

Most of my books I wrote in high school, so you might see a big difference in the writing style of my newer books such as Legit Work-at-Home Jobs, most of which I wrote in the past few months. They go through multiple rounds of editing, but I think the voice remains mostly the same. I wrote my first book when I was 12, called The Secret City, which will hopefully be published later this year as a middle-grade novella.



With books in non-fiction, Amish fiction and children’s fiction, have you thought about the creation of a single author brand a part of your self-publishing strategy, and how that would work with when you’re writing across these diverse fields?

I have! I started a self-publishing company under my name called Fearless Publishing House, and under that I have Fearless Author Academy. I’m making an online course under that brand called Start Your Own Publishing Company.



Wow, the adventure of an online course! They always say that the teacher is often the one doing the learning, and I’m sure that you’ll learn so much more about publishing and branding as the course develops. And with a project like that on your plate, I think you need to stop chatting with me and go back to work! Ashley, thanks so much for chatting with me today about ‘Legit Work-at-Home Jobs’ and I hope to see both your course and new book released soon!


Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Legit Work-at-Home Jobs ( ASIN: B0792Q8VM6 )‘.

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