Double Fake, Double Murder (A Carlos McCrary, Private Investigator, Mystery Thriller Series Book 2)

| February 20, 2018


Lots Of People Want Garrison Franco Dead

Organized crime boss Garrison Franco is gunned down in the street. The cops think they know who did it, Jorge Castellano, one of their own homicide detectives. The police think Castellano has resorted to vigilante justice; Castellano claims he’s been framed. Castellano hires his best friend, Mexican-American private investigator Carlos “Chuck” McCrary, to find out who framed him for the murder.

??? A Reluctant Witness

Chuck uncovers a mysterious teenager who ran away from an abusive foster home who may have the witnessed the assassination. But the boy doesn’t trust anyone and won’t tell Chuck what he saw.

??? Chuck Is Arrested

When Chuck’s prime suspect turns up dead, Chuck winds up in jail, arrested for murder. Now Chuck must not only find out who killed Franco and framed his friend Castellano for the hit, but he must also solve the new murder or face a lifetime in prison himself.

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