Attack of The Future: Book Three of The Barry Chronicles

| February 20, 2018


Barry Derbyshire was once one of the richest men in the world. A millionaire, billionaire who made his fortune from hedge funding, technology and winning the lottery an incredible 157 times in a row. 

But now Barry’s life is under threat from those who really run the world, the nefarious Illuminati and he has been forced to go on the run with only a talking Dolphin from Atlantis as his companion.

Each week* Barry will, from a secret location, update his novel series ‘The Barry Chronicles’ with his words of truth that will change very existence as we know it and finally set this world free. This may be the most important series of books ever written. 

Book Three of The Barry Chronicles,the thrilling, ‘Attack of The Future’ sees Barry in more exciting, incredible, mind bending adventures as he battles the evil forces of the Illuminati

*In the event of Barry’s capture, re-programming or death at the hands of the Illuminati, ‘The Barry Chronicles’ will cease publication. 

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