Halloween Night – Our Neighbor is a Witch

| September 13, 2013


Halloween Night - Our Neighbor is a Witch

Oftentimes we are all guilty of judging a person from the outside, rather than getting to know them first. This is a lesson that is very important for kids to learn and is the lesson that Chris and Kevin learned in this fun Halloween book.

In KP Baker’s “Halloween Night – Our Neighbor is a Witch” Chris, Kevin and even their mom learn a valuable lesson about not making quick judgments about people until truly getting to know them. Chris, Kevin and his mom learn this lesson while getting ready for Halloween. Along the way they experience excitement, fear, jitters and eventually pure fun! Throughout this perfectly spooky book for kids, Chris and Kevin learn an important lesson that they will take with them throughout their lives.

If you want to:

• Teach your kids about the importance of truly getting to know someone before determining their personality or how you will like them
• Help kids learn how to come together when something is scary or unknown to them in order to get support
• Be able to open up important conversations with your child about being nice to everyone and not jumping to conclusions

Then “Halloween Night – Our Neighbor is a Witch” is the perfect book for you and your children to read together this Halloween season! Just imagine the fun you could have as you sit together and read about Chris and Kevin and their Halloween adventures. You will not only have valuable bonding time, but will be able to have important conversations about things that happen in your lives. Download “Halloween Night – Our Neighbor is a Witch” today and let the Halloween fun begin!


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