Lost Love

| September 13, 2013


Lost Love

Does True Love comes back after leaving?

Sarah lost her father fighting for human rights in Iraq. Her only aim in life is to finish the work left by him.Chris is a ruthless businessman who can go to any extent for achieving his business goals.

Their paths cross multiple time, before they finally meet. As they come to know more about each other,Sarah starts to have feelings for Chris. But before she could confess it to Chris, she comes to know about his business secrets.

She confronts him but he remains unapologetic. She leaves and he doesnot care. Until one day, he comes to know that he might have lost her for forever. And his attitude towards life changes. But, is it too late?

Will he go to find her? Will they ever come to know about each other’s feelings? A story of true love, a story of mismatched love and a story of coming to know the importance of being loved.

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