Clouds of Glory

| February 22, 2018


Persuaded to start a new life with her son on the North Coast of Cornwall, any hope of the peace Miriam expects to find in her fresh beginnings is shattered when her son, David, makes a grisly find on a wintry beach.

Initially, DI Louise (Lou) Neville is brought to the scene as a formality. Such a relic should interest only academics, but when the blood-spattered home of Miriam’s missing grandmother indicates that those bony remains are a threat – a bizarre ‘message in the sand’ – things quickly change.

From Cornwall to Bristol, St Leonards On Sea to Brighton and finally to Ireland, Miriam and her loved ones, along with Lou and her colleagues, find themselves embroiled in a contest against a malevolence as old as mankind.

Under neurotic commands of psychopathic Solomon Jenkyn – a prominent member of an Old Family – his minions strive, against their own incompetence, to hunt down key members of Miriam’s family; one that he sorely underestimates.


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