| February 23, 2018


The Storytellers have endured an eternity of infertility. As gods and goddesses, the only way they’ve been able to create life is by forming their own universes. Pokeetle, busy working on his newest solar system, is stunned when his lover, Madeline, visits and announces that she is pregnant. The new life pulses strongly inside of her, and they are thrilled by this unexpected miracle.

When they tell the other Storytellers about their good fortune, they’re shocked to learn that many other goddesses have also conceived. Pokeetle and Madeline decide to marry and are soon blessed with a daughter, Hannah. But new life comes at a price. The birth of a new generation of Storytellers has rendered their parents mortal and powerless.

While some Storytellers think the lives of their children are worth the sacrifice, others are convinced the newborns must be eradicated. Varick, the king, decrees that the Storytellers must remain mortal—as it would be an abomination to destroy their own descendants. But not everyone agrees, and war breaks out. Pokeetle and Madeline dearly want to protect their daughter—but will they persist if it means turning against their former friends and allies?

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