Lola’s House

| September 14, 2013


When Lola inherited her Grandmother’s house she thought she was made for life. But everything comes at a cost as Lola soon discovers.

With a house and business to call your own many people would think they had it made. Unfortunately for Lola this is where her problems begin. The house is needy and falling apart and eats cash like there’s no tomorrow. And the business is failing to live up to its promises in every sense of the word. Throw in an ex boyfriend who is back on the scene with dubious motives, a brother with pound signs in his eyes and a mother who would make the Iron Lady look like a pussy cat.

Lola despairs of ever finding her way with the odds against her until the appearance of a sexy stranger. Will Lola ever manage to straighten out her life and make a home for herself and keep the wolves from the door?

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