Sophie and Max Search for the Philosopher’s Stone

| February 25, 2018


In this third book of the series, Sophie the Siamese and Max the mutt return for more spacetime adventures. Sophie continues to look for a way to return to her human form as Olivia Jordan, university research scientist. Max continues to be a skeptical accomplice, afraid of jeopardizing his comfortable life with his master, Angelo Cavaliere, owner of the White Knight Bookstore.

Through the use of ancient alchemy books, magic chants and mystical crystals, both animals are able to travel in space and time to another dimension where they transform into their human counterparts. The temporary metamorphosis is exciting and encouraging for Sophie, but Max is unnerved and rattled by the change from canine to man. He warns Sophie that the crystals are unpredictable—that it’s only a matter of time before something goes horribly wrong. The Siamese recognizes the dangers of mixing science and magic, but is willing to take the chance if it means returning permanently to life as a human. But taking that risk comes at a price: it means putting the lives of those she cares about in peril.

The 900-year-old wizard, Linus Archimedes, and his alter ego, Linus Archer, are back along with Madame Giselle, Angelo and his grandchildren, Rosemary and Joey. The evil Edgar Cavendish remains a problem to eliminate as he threatens to claim Sophie’s scientific research for himself. Two new characters, Julius Magogrande, a sinister stranger from a by-gone era, and Raymond Blackstone, a Navajo with a spirit magic of his own, play an important role in Sophie’s quest for a way back to her former life as a human.

Each man came into possession of the Philosopher’s Stone, the source of everlasting life, at different times and places in their lives, but subsequently lost it. As a boy on the edge of manhood, Raymond Blackstone camped with his grandfather near the sacred mountains of the southwest. Traveling in a spirit dream world, he was able to hold the precious stone for one fleeting moment. Julius Magogrande was a master of alchemy with centuries of experience in the practice of sorcery. He had command of the stone long enough to increase his life by centuries before it was stolen from him.

Years later the newcomers’ paths cross and it soon becomes apparent that Julius Magogrande poses a dire threat. He is on a quest of his own to regain the illusive Philosopher’s Stone. His time is running out and his very existence demands that he reacquire mastery of the stone. He will stop at nothing to get it, even if it means kidnapping Madame Giselle, Rosemary and Joey. However, the sinister stranger’s search for eternal life and Sophie’s desire to return to her human form reach a crossroad in a Navajo sacred mountain cave.

Sophie is faced with a critical decision when Julius Magogrande offers her the opportunity to return to her human life permanently. To do so means delivering complete control of the Philosopher’s Stone and all its powers to the evil-minded wizard to use as he pleases. It also requires reversing time to a point in Sophie’s human existence where Max, Madame Giselle, Angelo Cavaliere and his grandchildren were not a part of her life. Is Sophie ready to eradicate her newfound friends from her memory to once again become Olivia Jordan, university research scientist forever?

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