| February 25, 2018


‘The moon was no longer a barren on-looker, it was a destination.’

In 2065, tourism and private money steered a resurgence in space exploration resulting in mistakes, none worse than the Europa Space Orbiter incident. The enigmatic entrepreneur James Healey the Third sees a business opportunity; he would expand his company, Globewide Assistance, skywards.

When Healey approaches the crew of the Caspian, the proposition of working closer to Earth seems hard to resist but their cautious Flight officer, Haruka O’Brian, is less impressed by this notorious sponsor – after all, she had spent a lifetime avoiding the media machine.

Is this an honorable cause? Is this a chance for a real life? Most importantly, can Healey be trusted? There’s little time to reflect; EVAC Rapid Response are in demand. Healey’s vision unfolds as he skillfully grooms the crew into the EVAC brand but the team soon find their experience and loyalties tested when they are propelled into a nightmare scenario, with the world watching.

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