Flesh Golem: The Scowl – Part One (The IronScythe Sagas)

| February 25, 2018


An introduction to the IronScythe Sagas. The Scowl: Part One – Flesh Golem. A complete, Free novella

“Dark, epic fantasy at its very best”

And from the dark unknown, came a hooded avenger…

When the Scowl is brought before the court of King-Emperor Jhaz’Elrad, accused of murdering a young noble, he is unexpectedly saved from execution by the ambitious Dracus Krall.

In return for his life, the Scowl is sent on weregild to kill the evil golem that has lurked in the Krall family home for generations. A terrible, haunted creature, created by dark majiks in the time of Delving.

Accompanying the task is Dracus’ teenage niece, Vareena, a strong-willed tom-boy who grew up in the shadow of her uncle’s ambition and who has resisted his many attempts to marry her off.

But Vareena is not as she seems. She harbours a secret power that her uncle would gladly kill for.

Together, Vareena and the Scowl begin an uneasy alliance. An alliance that will change both of their lives forever…

The Scowl is available in the Amazon store in KIndle and print format

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