Azim’s Puzzle: The Parable of the Four Pillars

| February 27, 2018


“All things in the world can be made representative of other things. Of these, what is it that answers the question that most needs to be answered?”
In ancient times, slave Azim Bhahir angers his mysterious master after he squanders the good life provided to him. The master gives him one year to ponder this riddle and come to him with the thing that answers the question that most needs to be answered. If he succeeds in finding the truth, Azim will have freedom for himself and his family. If he fails, he will be forced to live a life without consequence and see his loved ones sold to distant lands.
Told in prose reminescent of a biblical parable, the story follows the adventurous Azim on his journey of discovery as he reveals universal questions about life and humanity. As he attempts to solve the puzzle put before him, the answers he contemplates are as instructive today as they were thousands of years ago. Readers who take the journey with Azim may find the answers he finds are the same answers for which they’ve long been seeking.


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