The Ones Who Got Away

| February 27, 2018


You’re about to die…

Imagine being faced with your own mortality. Staring the devil in the face, knowing that your time has come. This was a reality for the people featured in this book. Ten true stories, each as harrowing and dark as the last, about the brave souls that have survived some of the evilest, most twisted serial killers to ever walk the Earth. Serial killers who have become household names, synonymous with death, depravity and immorality. Names such as:

  • Ted Bundy
  • Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Peter Sutcliffe
  • Fred & Rose West
  • John Wayne Gacy & more

Killers don’t always manage to kill

This book isn’t about the countless murders these horrific beings have committed, this book is about the murders they failed to commit. This book is about the survivors, the ones who got away, the would-be victims who helped bring these monsters to justice, who escaped the clutches of the devil, the ones who stopped these depraved maniacs racking up tens or even hundreds more than their current body count. This book is a thank you from the future victims who never came to be, thanks to the actions of the people in this book.

What makes a person kill another?

The reason we as human beings find the likes of serial killers so interesting is that the most of us do not understand the psychology behind it. We do not understand what drives their murderous tendencies. Thanks largely to the survivors these killers have been examined thoroughly, and many have given reasons for committing the disgusting and evil acts they are now famous for. Psychologists can never be sure as to what turns a human being to a monster, but it is said that at least a portion of it can be attributed to environment. In this book we take a look at the background and early years of some of the killers, and how their environment may have been a part of the process.

Who is this book for?

This book is for anybody who finds the inner workings of a killers mind intriguing, the people who cannot comprehend why these murderers would commit the acts that have destroyed so many lives. This book is also for those who would like to know how the few who did survive did so, and those who may wonder how the human mind acts whilst directly facing almost certain death. This book is for anybody who wants to know how the survivors acted, and how they managed to keep their lives while so many didn’t.

About the author.

J. R. Mayfield has a passion for writing about all things macabre. He loves to delve into the psychology behind what makes a man turn into a monster, and what makes seemingly rational people do incomprehensibly irrational things. He lives in Sheffield, England, and amongst other things, has a slight obsession with good coffee. John loves educating others on the evils of mankind, as well as the light in the dark.

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