Marsianism: The New Mars Religion

Marsianism is a new religion for the 21st century. It is an honest approach to faith. It is atypical in form. It has no gods, holy men or holy books. It has no physical location, formal leadership or membership cost. It crosses all ethnic boundaries to include the entire human family. What is it? It is an ideology found in the hearts and minds of its believers. It is faith in the colonization of Mars for the survival and advancement of humanity. Its core tenets are found in the Marsian Creed.

It is the new Mars religion.

The Marsian Creed

I believe in humanity,
and the pioneering spirit
that dwells within us.

I believe science
is the final authority
of all human knowledge.

I believe colonization
of our solar system
is paramount for
our survival.

I believe Mars,
The Red Planet,
is our stepping stone
to the Cosmos.

I devote my life
to the colonization of Mars
and the advancement of humanity
for the goodness of all.

I am a Marsian.