Remembering Summer

| September 14, 2013


Remembering Summer

Livy Green always thought going away to college in Los Angeles was what she wanted. Finally, she’d be able to get away from Stratford with its ridiculous Shakespeare festival and small-town quirks. Unfortunately, moving away came at a price: saying goodbye to her best friend Hunter—in more ways than one.

Now, two weeks before college graduation, Livy is ready to continue on with her life in Los Angeles as an independent young adult. But when she’s called back to Stratford to see a gravely-ill friend, she suddenly finds herself having to face Hunter and the reasons she left home in the first place.

Remembering her summers growing up in Stratford might be the only way to figure out what she really wants for life after college—that is, if she’s ready to face the truth. (Young Adult Contemporary Fiction)


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