The Big Get

| September 14, 2013


The Big Get

THE BIG GET…All In with the Terrible Angels of Chance

David Gates is a Brooklyn lawyer who delivers pizza.
Mira is a broken little girl who is learning to walk.
Nicole is her damaged and beautiful mother, desperately trying to escape a casino magnate husband.
And the Chief Technologist is working on the Exposkin, a marvel of engineering that grants superhuman gifts.
They all meet in Las Vegas, where David learns that no one is who they say they are and the struggle between the powers-that-be in his new law firm is big enough to sweep in the universe.
But when the chips are down, David has no choice.
He’s all in with the terrible angels of chance.

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The “big get” is casinospeak for a certain kind of wager. David Gates finds it can be a gamble on a much larger scale.

The bigger game here is populated by a motley assortment of characters assuming human shape with varying success: eccentric agents of good and evil as well as more generic but equally idiosyncratic alien arrivals from other worlds with their own plans for humanity. David must get a read on each if he is to walk away a winner–or at all.

The outcome turns on the true nature of chance, which has a powerful science all its own impelling human history down through millennia. But how is humanity to defeat forces that have rendered extinct 99.5% of all species ever to exist on Earth? The fate of David Gates offers an answer.

David’s struggle may point him along a path of pain, love, salvation, and grace. Or another direction: pain without purpose or surcease.

The novel takes its tone from essayist Emerson: “It seems as if heaven had sent its insane angels into our world as to an asylum.” And poet Marianne Moore: “To love and be loved, a most simple, organic and dangerous desire.”

With a blend of the scientific and spiritual as well as fantastical characters and events embedded in a love story, “The Big Get” sits on the literary>metaphysical shelf but stirs in a measure of fantasy and real-world science fiction, all with a contemporary, urban edge.

And hopefully, humor. Lawyers, Las Vegas, angels of chance–there must be humor.

This is a Las Vegas landscape still littered with the ruins of Too-Big-To-Fail, yet slyly extending its familiar offer to the bold: the bet is to you.

The author lived in Las Vegas for eleven years. He is a lay member of the New England Complex Systems Institute, an independent multi-disciplinary research organization based at Harvard-MIT but global in scope.

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