Death’s Door:The Whisperer Part One

| March 3, 2018


This is not a stand-alone story. It is the first instalment of a six-part novel. The parts should be read in order. Search ‘The Whisperer A. Ireland King’ to get the full novel.

Mystery. Betrayal. Murder.

Following her suicide, Meredith Potts discovers a dark secret.

When Meredith jumps in front of a train, the first surprise is that she still exists.  She meets the mysterious Michael, a glorious being sent to watch over and mentor her.  As Meredith learns to help the living in quiet ways, she must also face her own demons.

Events are now in motion that will uncover a terrible secret and expose a killer.  Where will Meredith’s unplanned journey lead her?  Can the truth really set you free?

Set in Scotland’s capital city, this gripping tale of treachery and redemption is ultimately optimistic. Prepare to be swept away by authentic characters—The Whisperer will keep you guessing and Part Six will leave you warm and fuzzy.

Scroll up and buy now, get the kettle on, and prepare for a treat!

What readers are saying about The Whisperer:

‘I couldn’t stop—I read into the wee hours.’

A stunning debut, skillfully crafted.’

‘King has captured the essence of angels.’


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