Almost Shattered: One Woman’s Courageous Journey Through Love, Loss, and Lies

| March 6, 2018


Kate Williams was living the American dream. She had a life most women would envy; the big house, vacations twice a year, a wonderful husband, and a beautiful golden boy named Jack. When her husband was diagnosed with ALS, her life as she knew it, was over. The tragic turn of events that followed nearly broke her. In her darkest moment, a choice needed to be made. Would her sadness bury her alive or would she find a way?

Are champions chosen or are they born out of sheer terror, tragedy and tenacity? This story portrays the events surrounding the death of Kate’s beloved husband, Steve. From soccer mom to soldier and wife to warrior, her life was transformed. If you have ever felt the magnitude of loss, the sting of betrayal or the terror of the unknown, you will feel at home in the pages of this book.

In her new Amazon national bestseller, Almost Shattered, author Kristina Wilds describes the journey of this incredible woman through her husband’s illness and diagnosis up to his death. The touching love story of two people who met on a plane, fell in love and wed a few months after their meeting will tear at your heart strings. The events that surround her husband’s death will shock you. And what happens afterwards will sound like a living nightmare.

In the end, Kate has no one to help her.

She has to find a way to survive or die trying.


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