A Better Ten Commandments: A Guide to Living Life With and On Purpose

| March 6, 2018


Are you ready for a little hope in the world??

Are you ready to start living life on purpose??

With suicide bombings and sex scandals eroding our religious institutions, and worldwide political upheavals shaking the very foundations of our governments. Who can we trust to guide us?

Having little regard for truth or consequence, our on air pundits keep fanning the flames and our social media outlets only care for our attention.

So, where do we go to find the answers to life’s big questions?

How do we know what truly matters?

For the millions of non-believers, and the rapidly growing number of religiously disaffected A Better Ten Commandments filters through the chaos and confusion of daily life and provides a foundational framework for finding fulfillment without taking anything on faith.

A Better Ten Commandments combines the best of history, religion, philosophy and science in a simple yet powerful framework that you can incorporate into your life.

It is a story of forgiving our faults, a story of hope for humanity, and ultimately, if we do what is neccesary, a story of our own redemption.

A Better Ten Commandments is about who we are, what we want, and what truly matters in life…

The only life that you can count on.

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