| March 7, 2018


What happens when a mistake from the past threatens to derail the future?
Retired pro football player Jim Pepperman is about to lose everything to the secret he’s locked down for eleven years—that he got into a bar fight with a stranger and might’ve left him for dead. It doesn’t really matter that it was self-defense. Nightmares are stealing Jim’s sanity, guilt is carving out pieces of his soul, and his silence is driving a wedge between him and his wife. Desperate to confess, he visits his dad’s grave and tells the only person he can. When Jim is almost shot leaving the cemetery and letters threatening his life show up, he begins to wonder if someone has finally discovered what happened that night.
Ex-Air Force Colonel Sean Halpin is an intelligent, meticulous, special investigator for the Newark Police Department. Assigned to Jim’s case, it’s Halpin’s job to sift through clues that make no sense. As the threats escalate, he’s put on a countdown to uncover the real story before it’s too late. But his top two suspects have iron-clad alibis, and Jim may be covering up the crucial evidence Halpin needs to save his life.

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