Author interview with Stephanie Colbert of ‘A Twisted Wisdom’

| March 14, 2018

Author Interview with Stephanie Colbert

A Twisted Wisdom is based on the true story of a woman who was held against her will and then committed to a state hospital where the horrors begin. Follow her as she fights against a system that leaves her in a position she cannot escape from. Or can she?



Will this woman be able to move past the troubles of her past and the pains of her present and escape to a new future? To unearth the deeper story of ‘A Twisted Wisdom’, I’ve been joined by author Stephanie Colbert today. Stephanie, where did the idea for ‘A Twisted Wisdom’ come to you from?

The main character.



This book is based on a true story, so many of the events that this main character, Susan, deals with are real. Were the experiences that Susan lives through based on your own experiences, or does it tell the story of someone you know?

This book is based upon my life.



Were the secondary and supporting characters also drawn from these experiences, or did they tend to come to life to fit the story you wanted to write?

I knew the characters except for the fictional ones I created to fill in the blanks I couldn’t remember. Those came from my imagination.



As you look back on the blend of reality and imagination you’ve created, what do you feel is the central point that you hope readers take from your book?

The horrific situations that the mentally-ill find themselves in, and how to fight back.



Did you feel that you learnt anything from writing about your own situations and bringing them to the wider public?

I finally was able to let go of the past, it was cathartic.



I’m glad that you were able to use this book as a tool to move forward from your past. With writing about something so emotional, did you find that writing became exhausting, or was it more energising to keep writing?

I love writing!



*Laughs* With that much love of writing you must have a favourite word. Which one is your pick?




Nice choice! Do you like to think of your favourite words and slot them into the story as you write, or do you maintain your focus elsewhere as you write?

For my first book, it was based on my life. In my second I’m basing the main characters on people I’d like to know.



Oh, tell us a little bit more about this second book.

A book called Stealegrave’s Gold. It’s a mystery.



Comparing books one and two, do you feel that there’s a progression or improvement to your writing and voice as you’ve continued to write?           

Most definitely. The more I write the more I learn. I usually make major revisions to my books.



With those major revisions in mind, I’d best let you return to your new mystery project and I hope that you’re able to again share your love of writing with readers. While readers are eagerly awaiting your upcoming mystery, I’d like readers to take the chance to pick up a copy of ‘A Twisted Wisdom’, and follow Susan’s fight against the mental health system.


Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘A Twisted Wisdom ( ASIN: B07B2R4JPQ )‘.


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