Blood Ties And Politics: A Breakdown Of The Conflict Between Certain Families In A Song Of Ice And Fire

| March 9, 2018


George R.R. Martin’s famed fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire (commonly known as HBO’s Game of Thrones) is a spiderweb of stories and rivalries which blend together to form the storied events that take place in Westeros. With some scrutiny, it’s not difficult to see that some of the biggest political battles and the most deeply rooted enmities in the story often occur among characters who are related to one another by blood. It is, after all, one thing to plot the death of an enemy in a rival house, and quite another to bring about the demise of a blood relative.

Blood Ties and Politics will serve the purpose of discussing the details of such familial disputes, as well as what may have influenced them to happen and what is in store so far for those involved. Using tidbits from both the books and the television series, this book will guide the reader into summarized but accurate explanations of the political and familial dissonance between well-known families such as the Lannisters, the Greyjoys, and the Cleganes.


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