#MeToo: A Practical Guide to Navigating Today's Cultural Workplace Revolution

| March 10, 2018


In her highly engaging debut business book, #MeToo: A Practical Guide to Navigating Today’s Cultural Workplace Revolution, Mirande Valbrune harnesses her employment law knowledge and expertise to highlight the events that catalyzed the #MeToo movement and to provide practical guidance and tools that can be used to handle a variety of workplace scenarios inspired by real #MeToo stories.

Hollywood has experienced a tidal wave of accusations of sexual misconduct. Many victims were encouraged to come forward following the allegations aimed at entertainment mogul Harvey Weinstein in the fall of 2017. The floodgates of conversation and shared experiences have opened, and the #MeToo movement has transformed discussions about sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace.

The case studies provided in this book, inspired by real #MeToo stories, can serve to help employees, employers, and those “afraid of getting it wrong” to handle more effectively instances and allegations of sexual abuse or harassment that may arise at work.

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