Amish Romance in the West: Abigail’s Heart, Mary’s Prayer, Ruthie’s Surprise: Amish Romance in the West Books 1, 2 and 3

| March 10, 2018


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Looking for clean, wholesome Amish Romances? This Amish romance box set includes the first three books in the Amish Romance in the West series! Enjoy three stories back to back about strong, faithful characters acting with courage and grace.

Book 1: Abigail’s Heart

Abigail’s heart has already been broken once. Moving to the west with her family to settle in Big Valley, Colorado, gives her a brand new start.

Her brother’s friend, Samuel, has always been protective of her. He seems to always be there when she needs him, making her feel safe and cared for…

But Abby only thinks of him as her brothers friend. Until…

She notices that her feelings towards Sam have changed since the move West. Will their relationship be able to grow as Abby becomes the woman that she feels called to be?

Will Sam return her feelings?

Or will she be risking their friendship by telling him how she feels?

Book 2: Mary’s Prayer

Mary Beiler is not ready for change. She wants to hold onto the past as tightly as she can. But new roles and relationships test Mary’s boundaries as she learns that she must trust God’s plan for her life.

Eli Glick used to be a school-yard crush, but she hasn’t let herself dream of a future with him. When their paths begin weaving together, she starts to wonder if the feeling she notices towards him might be more than the memories of her childhood.

From Mary’s Prayer:

Not so bad! How was that for a compliment! she thought angrily as she stood and stepped towards the ladder. She turned to move down it, but as she placed her boot on the first rung it slid sideways several inches, and she took her foot off.

“Hang on, I’ll hold it,” he said.

He stood and walked towards her, and knelt near the top of the ladder. He held it in place as she turned again and put her foot on the top rung. This time, with his help, it was perfectly solid.

“See what happens when we work together?” he asked, and she felt a smile peek onto her lips despite her upset.

How does he do that to me? she wondered. She’d just been feeling upset and sorry for herself, and now a crack of lightheartedness found it’s way into her heart. It was as if he was bringing out her smiles –smiles that had been buried such a long time that they almost felt strange on her lips.

As she climbed down, she once again found herself uncomfortably close to the handsome man. Eli grinned at her. He was looking right into her eyes, and this made her blush. She was glad, at least, that he was no longer staring at her scars.

“You sure that we can spend this time together, and you won’t fall in love with me?”he asked in his deep voice.

Mary knew he was teasing her, but she felt her heart skip a beat at the flirtatious sound in his voice. Oh don’t flatter yourself, she thought. He’s only teasing you, just like he acts with all the girls. Besides, he likes Abby Trovey. With his face so close, and his blonde hair and good looks only inches away from her, she swallowed hard.

Will Eli Glick see past Mary’s scars and into her heart?

Will Mary learn to trust again?

Book 3: Ruthie’s Surprise

Ruthie King feels like her future has been planned out for her. But what if that future is not the one that she wants? What is God’s Will for her life? Her family works closely with the Shrocks, whose son, Abner, seems to be the perfect man for her. Ruthie is happy to go along with this plan until she meets Mark Moser. He is kind, non-judgmental, and so easy to talk to! She loves his kind, twinkling eyes and quick smile.

How will Ruthie navigate her feelings for Mark?

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