Island Souls

| March 12, 2018


Rule number 1 is about to be broken.
Never, ever fraternise with the contestants.

Rosa Avelino has just been granted her lifelong wish—to play the TV reality game of Sea Quest. The other contestants underestimate her because of her petite stature and fun-loving nature but she has a much better chance of winning than anyone suspects. Rosa has always had a secret crush on the Sea Quest host, and she is overjoyed when she finally gets to meet him in the flesh.

The host, Justin Jordan, JJ for short, likes to meet all his new contestants before they are marooned on the island. But he’s never come across a contestant who affects him quite like Rosa before, and his carefully planned life and the rules he lives by are threatened by her gutsy enthusiasm.

They both try to ignore their instantaneous attraction to each other and stick to the rules, but in the end their connection cannot be denied and on the final night, when Rosa finds out she’s in the top three, she sneaks into JJ’s hut to confront him. But if they’re found together Rosa will forfeit any chance of winning the million dollars and JJ may never work in the TV industry again.

This novella follows the lives of two more characters from the novel Island Redemption. An easy-to-read romantic adventure, which is fast-paced and entertaining, about two lost souls finding each other.

If you like this novella, you’re going to love Island Redemption. Take a romantic adventure on a deserted island and buy it today!

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