Potion of the Hound: Mystical Mishaps Series Book 1

| March 16, 2018


Can a pantry really be haunted?


Does toad flu really make toads and frog appear when someone casts a spell?

Can a botched batch of potions really uncover a secret?


Potion of the Hound is a Youth Paranormal Fantasy Fiction that is fun for all tweens and adults alike.


Follow the hilarity, mischief and of course magic in this riveting tale as Helga and her sisters battle pantry ghosts, storm of toads and the dark forces of the TRUE Society.

Get your copy of this soon-to-be timeless tale of Potion of the Hound

Family is everything and Helga would do anything to keep her family together … anything.

Fifteen-year-old Helga, a teenaged witch, had a rough start in life as she and her sisters were left to fend for themselves after losing their parents.

Scraping together what money they had the sisters bought a run-down cafe to sell baked goods and cafe beverages. In addition, Helga sold special potions on the side to magically gifted customers to help bring in extra funds. It was still not enough…

Faced with a chance, offered by the TRUE Society, to make things better Helga makes a choice but wonders if she did the right thing.

Talented she may be in the realm of potion making but in terms of making the right choice she has a lot more to learn.

Caught up with the wrong crowd Helga tries to wiggle out of trouble by working with a demon. Her plans start to unravel when potions get mixed up and an Order of Magic Official unexpectedly visits their shop creating more problems for Helga.

Can Helga overcome these obstacles and still keep her dark secret from being revealed?

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